Customer Portal
Important Update

The previous portal has been shut down. In situations where a company has requested a calibration on behalf of their customer, you can enter your email address below. If your email address is registered with Graftel's internal system, you will be able to access data/files for all orders for your company. If not, you will be able to access data/files for the order specified below. All new Inspection Reports and Shipping Reports will include a link to the new portal which will allow you to access your data without having to use this login page.

Thank you for your patience as we deploy these new systems. Let us know if you have questions or comments.

Fill out Two of the fields below to identify which order to view.

Order # or Quote #:

PO #:

Device Serial, Model, or MT&E Number: (from one of the devices)

Order (Shipping) Tracking #:

Calibration Certificate ID:

Email: (for accessing multiple orders)
An email address is not required if you only need to access files/data for one order. If you need to access all orders for a given company, enter your email address.